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Radio Free Denton

May 29, 2019

After getting a hot tip from an unsavory informant named Willie the Weasel, Pistachio and Roxy head to the warehouse district of Lewisville lake, where they run into the city’s most veracious Detectives, Doberman and Ellymeyer, who are in a bad mood because they have discovered a crime scene full of naked dead circus clowns and half a Toyota.

Meanwhile the sinister criminal Ex-Nazi Clowns reveal their plans to  make Dinkfelder’s Big Ol’ Badda Badda Bing Bang formula into a liquid explosive and fill half a dozen Maltese Rubber Chickens…all at the order of their sinister and as yet, unknown evil criminal leader…Mr.Big…..

Oh yea…Joe asks Roxy to grab Mrs. Dinkfelder and whisk her off to a place of safety because she happens to be Doberman and Ellymeyer’s number one suspect…