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Radio Free Denton

May 29, 2019

The RFD Crew finds out that Ken purposely moved them into a haunted building. As a penance he is sentenced by his irritated peers to seek out and find the origins of the ghosts and the reason for the haunting. So he heads off to the library to do his research.

While at the library he runs into a strange old man who claims to have actually been a witness to the whole event, and after some small negotiation, begins to spin a tale from 1947 about a Detective named Joe Pistachio, and his saucy and seductive secretary, Roxy Rococo who are hired by the beautiful and vivacious Sushi Dinkfelder to find her missing Ex-Nazi Scientist husband, the brilliant Professor Hirum Dinkfelder…who has been kidnapped, along with their cat,  by a ruthless and cutthroat gang of criminal Ex-Nazi Clowns in order to produce a secret formula to sell to the Russians…whew!