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Radio Free Denton

May 29, 2019

Well, the FBI finally shows up and recruits Pistachio…Doberman and Ellymeyer visit the circus and figure out who the clowns are, Roxy gets double crossed and meets Dinkfelder, and we find out who Sushi Dinkfelder and her butler Portnoy really are…and everybody converges on the Grimaldi Hotel Building…where all...

May 29, 2019

After getting a hot tip from an unsavory informant named Willie the Weasel, Pistachio and Roxy head to the warehouse district of Lewisville lake, where they run into the city’s most veracious Detectives, Doberman and Ellymeyer, who are in a bad mood because they have discovered a crime scene full of naked dead circus...

May 29, 2019

The RFD Crew finds out that Ken purposely moved them into a haunted building. As a penance he is sentenced by his irritated peers to seek out and find the origins of the ghosts and the reason for the haunting. So he heads off to the library to do his research.

While at the library he runs into a strange old man who...

May 15, 2019

RFD’s Final Episode of Season 1 featuring Classical Heavy Metal and Dishwashers, More Bad Puns, Seeking the Meaning of life with the Great Oracle Duk Goh Quack, and the Mind Bending Grand Finale of The Maltese Rubber Chicken…Can you dig it?

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May 1, 2019

RFD’s Episode 9 featuring 11 Year Old Shakedown Artists, A Trip to the Circus, A Huge Plot Twist in The Maltese Rubber Chicken Saga, Local Denton News, Interesting Science with Ken and his Black Hole Photography, The Criminal Clowns Meet a Dead Celebrity…and oh yea…the FBI finally Shows Up…WOW!!

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